7 Celebrity Secrets To internet Dating!

We have all heard of the Millionaire Matchmaker!  Patty is the best at what she does.  She matches Millionaires with girls and guys, that she hand picks.   What Patty does is interesting to watch, because she finds all of the “hang-ups” that her Millionaires have, and then she almost always successfully fixes them.  Don’t we wish we had someone like her in our lives!

So lets talk about the first secret to a successful online meeting that transfers to a real date!  This one is for women as well as for men!  Since internet dating has become such a huge phenomenon (I met my husband online).  Here are some secrets to successfully transfer your “online” date to the real world. 

The first tip is “don’t fall in love” with the “picture” you have of him/her!  The same accounts for the “voice”!  Don’t fall in love with either of these!  Because the person behind both the picture and the voice could turn out to be a completely different from what you have built in your head!

So, take it slow and wait until you actually meet him/her! Then you might find out that “love at first sight” really does happen, or you will want to get through the date as quickly as possible because the person that got out of the car is so overbearing, that you just want to get out of there!!

Ok, this brings me to a little side note!  PLEASE go and get a professional picture taken of yourself before you put it out there on the internet!  Don’t put pictures of yourself in your sweats, or while cooking, or guys… don’t put up a picture with you holding your favorite beverage!

Its not professional, and if you want to attract a professional, good looking, woman/man that has his/her act together you are most certainly not going to do it with that!  So, go out there, spend a few bucks and get a professional picture taken.  One that portraits you, the way you would look when you go out on a first date!

Tip two, if you are a woman, always wait for him to ask you call you first, the same for a date, wait for him to ask you for a date!  Always remember that meeting someone online does not mean that you should treat that person any different, then you would in person.  Be respectful, present yourself just as you would if he or she was sitting right in front of you!

And, do I even have to say this, PLEASE don’t get diarrhea of the keyboard!!  Don’t type and type and type about yourself and all that there is to know about you!  If you do that, what will be left to talk about once you meet in person? And who wants to hear someone just talking about themselves?  Women and men equally like to know that the other person is genuinely interested in them!

And, hopefully you will realize that you want to stay as mysterious as possible.  Instead ask questions.  But please be careful what kind of questions you ask.  If they are questions that solely focus on his/her finances, that would be a big turn off, especially when someone doesn’t want to be wanted for their money.

So, asking about their job is fine, but don’t go and ask about their income, if they own their own house, how many houses they own, and what their bank account looks like.  That can very easily make you look like a money hunter!

Ask questions about their interests for instance, or what horoscope they might be, and so on.  But don’t forget to leave some questions out, so you have something to talk about when you meet!  If you are gay or lesbian, it would be up to you to figure out who the dominant person would be and behave accordingly!

Tip three, if you live close to each other, please keep your phone calls to around 15 minutes!  You want something to talk about when you get to your first date!  Don’t allow him to prolong going out on a date by having 10 different phone conversations, before he even mentions a date!

If he didn’t ask you out after the first or second phone call, then there is probably something wrong with this man!  Either he is married, or he is hiding something else!  In fact if he hasn’t asked you out by the third phone conversation, I would politely give him the boot!  And move on!

If you are the man, and you have tried to arrange a date, and the woman is being evasive then its obvious that something is wrong on that end!  It could be that she is in fact married, or has other issues.  Whatever it might be, I would drop that woman and move on to the next!  Who knows what is going on there!  If she was really interested and wanted to go out on a date, she would make it happen!

Tip four, if you are talking long distance, the phone conversations should obviously be a bit longer, like 30 minutes!  And if he doesn’t commit to meeting you, by flying out to see you, or is sending you a ticket to visit him, within the first 2-5 phone calls, then I would also question whether this person is just playing around, and has something he is not telling you!  How many times have we heard, or experienced that the person we thought we were having a serious internet relationship with turns out to be married, or a drug addict, or living in a group home, or worse!

Tip five, NEVER agree to a date just by talking on the internet!  Always talk on the phone first!  I mean what if the man has a scary squeaky voice?  Does it matter how handsome he is, if you can’t get over his squeaky voice?  It’s the same for a girl, what if her voice is so manly, she could literally be a man, or her pitch is so high it makes you squirm?  I can’t tell you all the horror stories I have heard!  Which brings me to the point, if they are being evasive about talking on the phone, then you probably have one of those situations on your hand!

Tip six, and of course always make sure that you have an UP-TO-DATE picture of this person!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen it, that people put pictures up of themselves that are ancient, and since that time they have gained 50 pounds and aged 10 years!  It can be down right scary!

And if the picture they have of themselves is that of a cartoon, or that of a child, well, there is your cue that the person you are talking to has either some real issues with their looks, or they do have a reason to have those issues! So, always ask for an Up-To-Date picture!  And of course they have something wonderful as skype now, so you could suggest to skype with the person you are talking to, just to confirm that the picture you have of him/her is accurate!

Tip seven, and also the most important one, always pre-qualify the person you are talking to.  What I mean with that is, that you always want to make sure that this person is not a total loser other then his/her good looks, and great communication skills! “Qualify your buyers!”  Treat it like a “business deal” is what Patty suggests!  Ask questions that are important to you.  That could be that the person has at least some security to offer. What ever that means to you.

It could mean that they have a secure job, or a better then average position in their company, or that they have lived in the same home for a long time, maybe even been in the same town for a long time!  Maybe you want to make sure he/she doesn’t take frequent trips to go gambling!

Whatever those kinds of things are that are important to you, you should make sure that you know that this person isn’t sleeping on the street, and is accessing the internet at the towns library! And if you are a man, make sure that she has the attributes you need to match your own ambitions!  That could again mean, that she has a stable job, that she is independent and maybe even financially independent!  What if she comes with a debt of over $100,000 in credit card debt, that she can barely pay off?  What if you need someone with perfect credit, because you need that for your job, and her credit is terrible?  Some of these questions are obviously on the touchy subject so be careful how you word your questions!  And remember there is a difference between looking like a gold digger and pre-qualifying someone!

Now, I gave you some important tips, and they are important.  But, I realize, how it is when you start talking to a person, and you really like him/her.  And if you haven’t done your homework yet, and haven’t followed my advice first, then you could very well find yourself in a situation with a person, that turns out to have all kinds of problems!  And it is difficult to turn away from someone that you started to like a whole lot, even if they turn out to be a complete loser.  Its hard to turn your heart off!   I understand that, but if you look at it in the long run. What good does it do you, if you really like this person, and the relationship sooner or later fails, and probably not without a whole bunch of pain involved!  So, believe me when I tell you, stick by those 7 tips, and you will successfully get into a long lasting relationship, given of course that you are actually compatible!



























































Of course there are other things that are important, such as that your personalities really match, and you might laugh at this, but I do believe that knowing your horoscope plays a huge factor in finding the right mate!  If you already know your horoscope, and you know what kind of sign is compatible to you, if not, there are many websites that you can look up, that will give you an idea!  OF course they don’t all agree, so, I suggest to take it as light hearted as possible when checking out these different sites.  Since I have been lookin into